Behind the scenes - Karate Kid Love!

Thank you again to Mateo De Los Reyes of Global Martial Arts for allowing me to use his dojo to pretend to be the Karate Kid for a little while. :-) Thanks also to Chris Diaz for being my opponent. My apologies if I beat you up too bad during the recording of this video. I couldn’t help but unleash my skillz ya know… ;-)

You will laugh at the fact that most of these behind the scenes clips and bloopers are of a scene that was never included in the actual HappySlip video. I attempted to look cool and string all the classic Karate Kid moves together just as Mr. Miyagi does in the scene where he reveals them to Daniel. It felt great to get the sequence down but when watching it, it didn’t look great hahha. In the end, you can’t tell who is attacking or who is defending and Chris and I look like we’re high five-ing each other with our wrists. Not Chris’ fault! Nope, that would be me, since I decided I would yell “hiiyaa” even though I’m defending myself against his punches. He was taking it easy on me no doubt, but yet out of my intent to do a good job I kept repeating the sequence attaining my battle wounds heh heh ;-) I couldn’t see how to make that hi five scene work in the final video and decided it would look a bit too foolish anyway. However for you, I still provided that foolishness for your entertainment.

By the way, this footage has been sitting in my camera for almost one year! I finally got around to editing it and certainly wanted it to be posted before The Karate Kid remake came out. The original series was definitely one of my favorites growing up and I thought this was my way to thank and appreciate those involved with those movies. I felt it was important to let them know that The Karate Kid is indeed classic to many and the magic of it all is irreplaceable.

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